Monday, December 7, 2009

Today we had a nice visit with Grace. She was being very cute today playing with us and crawling over my leg on her own {with a little backstop assistance}. Then Sarah put her in the baby carrier, and she fell fast asleep. She's been over tired on several occasions but has refused to let herself fall asleep. Needless to say we were pretty excited that she feels comfortable with us now that she'll fall asleep with us.

Then while we waited to get word if we would get the Ministers' signature today or not, we decided to go on a minibus tour to see the sites. It was a little hard to see somethings today as it was foggy, but we figured if we have Grace with us all the time soon we wouldn't get another chance. We did get to have an excellent lunch and wonderful conversation for several hours with our tour guide and the only other member of our tour a gentlemen from Malta.

Late in the afternoon we did learn that we would not be getting the signature we needed today, so we'll have to pray that we get it tomorrow. That pretty much blew our chance that we could all fly home this weekend. :( So our homecoming arrangements are still up in the air. Now we have to decide if I will come home this weekend and then Sarah and Grace would fly home when everything is done, or if I can strech things with work and we all fly home early next week.

This evening Vlado, who we rent our apartment from, and his wife Svetlana invited us and the other family here adopting out for diner at a traditional Serbian restaurant. We had another great meal and several hours of awesome converstation.

Grace crawling over my leg, with minimal assistance

Grace fell asleep for the first time while Sarah was holding her in the baby carrier wrap.

Such a precious little angel

Sarah and I standing in front of a giant tree in the garden where most Serbian couples have they're wedding receptions in the springtime.

Standing in front of the Prince Mihailo monument in Republic Square with our new friend Renault.

Svetlana, Mary, Jim, Sarah, Jon & Vlado at the "Just Like Home" restaurant.


Sue said...

So So sorry that you didn't get the signature that you needed. I will pray hard that you get it tomorrow so you can fly home soon. It is so awesome to see Grace becoming so comfortable that she allows her to fall asleep. I will be patiently waiting to hear when you will be flying home

Envyshope said...

Sarah and Jon - this is so beautiful! I cannot wait to be where you guys are! Here's praying. Anyway - Grace is so gorgeous and you look like a wonderful little threesome! We will be praying for you to get the signature you need.