Sunday, December 6, 2009

Home Happenings

Here is a note we got from Holly who is the young gal taking great care of our kids while we are gone. She is so great with them and sounds like they are having a great time. We are soooo thankful for Holly and at total peace that she is running the show while we are gone. Truely amazing. THANKS HOLLY, WE LOVE YOU!!!
p.s. I was in stitches reading this :)

Hey there Sarah,We had a great day today. We went to Chatau Theatere as planned and then to Playland McDonalds for lunch with some of my family. (I added some pictures.) Sam has been really good. For both him and Ian I've had a pretty much no tollerance rule as far as whining and willful disobedience goes. And, even though they didn't appreciate it too much at first, knowing what to expect from me is helping them allot with first time obedience. We really had a very great day with both of them. I praised them up so much tonight for how good they did, especailly Sam, and he about popped with pride. It was pretty cute. And of course after that he put out a double effort with helping me with things and helping the other kids. I have three funny/cute stories for you. (I hope this doesn't get too long, lol, it might!)The first is that Sam informed me that you can say bad words with your hands/fingers. He then informed me that mommy said he should NEVER EVER EVER do it EVER. Then all four of them proceeded to show me how it was done. Pretty funny.Second, was that tonight I left the kids pot pies on the table while we came down and read your blog posts. Well, we were sitting there and all the sudden heard a fork hit the floor. Ivy looks at me, eyes wide and said, "I think Barney ate our pot pies. Do you know how I know? He just doropped his fork!" The imagery was so funny that I really couldn't hardly be upset at Barney, even though he did indeed eat three out of the four. What a crazy dog! We'll know better now!Third was just a cute thing that happened tonight while putting the kids to bed. I always say, "Do you want me to pray for you?" And then proceed to thank God for all the good things we did that day and ask him to bless tomorrow. I was just about to leave for the night and Iris says, "Holly! Holly! Holly!" very urgently and then said, "Pray for Barney, too." So, we prayed for the stuffy, too. Pretty cute.Oh, one more thing, while I was watching Grace's movie clips I randomly said, "She's so cute, I could just take her home!" I of course was just using the expression but all four of the kids, Ivy, Iris, Ian, Sam were like, "NO!" Sam grabbed my face and looked me straight in the eyes and all the while Ivy is saying, "She belongs to us, WE adopted her!" Oh boy, some kind of love you got going on in this family! :) :) :) Anyways, I'm sure loving your kiddos! Praying for things there, Goodnight, or goodmorning. :) Holly