Thursday, December 11, 2008

News on Ian

Well, the last few days have been long without much progress. Thankfully his personality is returning and his energy. Problem is with eating and drinking still. Thin liquids gag him and make him vomit the pureed food he had swallowed. They turned his IV off today in hopes he'd be desperate to drink. Didn't happen and his IV is back on for the evening and night. As I type this though, he is slowly eating some pudding. He needs more liquids though and the thicker ones seem to go down better. If tomorrow goes better, we may get out saturday. I'll keep you posted. Here are a few pictures from the last couple days. The big black dog is Zach and I woke Ian up to meet him. As you can see from the pictures, Ian wasn't impressed. The dog is a newfoundland and was huge. Ian's IV infiltrated the other night and went 3-4 hours before the nurse noticed it as his legs are always under the covers. They are supposed to check it every hour though :( Ian had fun with the masks and gloves though as the nurse used a vein light to locate a new IV sight. She got it with only 1 try and Ian didn't even flinch. The other dog is Grace who is a whippet. She visited today and Ian loved her. She looked a lot like Fiona, the italian greyhound we had for awhile. The robot he is holding was something we made from FLOAM that my friend brought to Ian. He has a cheezy smile but he really had fun and likes it. He thought his emasis basin made a great hat. Thankfully the nurse had just washed it. The last photo was one I took today to show how skinny he has become. I can't wait to beef him back up a bit. He's scaring me but the doctors don't seem concerned. Ian's sleeping is greatly improved and doesn't have near as many coughing fits. He does snore more though which we'll have to watch as obstructive sleep apnea can be a side effect from this surgery. The video at the end was taken a couple nights ago. His first 5 nights were like this or worse. The fits actually got worse but I couldn't video that as I was busy helping him sit up and clear the mucous. Please pray we are out of here this weekend.


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing. Ian's smile is encouraging! What a brave little guy!