Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ian Update Sunday Night

So it's Sunday night and Ian is resting. Sorry I haven't updated much but I'll give you a rundown of what's been going on now. I'm including a bunch of photos and a couple videos. The video of Ian where he is playful was taken the morning after surgery. He was playful but that was the ONLY time so far. He has a ton of phlem in his throat that he can't swallow cuz it hurts and it hurts to cough it up as well. We thought he was making progress as he was taking popsicles but he has thrown up everything since then. He had pureed carrots and peaches last night which turned out to come up as a fountain. He's back to stricly clear liquids and so he hasn't eaten in 4 days. He has an appetite and wants to eat but we can't let him and that's really hard to see. Lately though I've been his scratcher. His head has been very itchy and since he has casts on his arms, he can't scratch anything. It's also challenging as he can't tell me what itches. Needless to say, we'll be here awhile yet. We're trying to keep him busy though and yesterday we got to tour the helicoptor pad up on the roof. It was his first outing and was miserable but was good to get him out. There is a picture of me holding Ian and the other guy is the pilot. Then today one of the dance companies in town did a short rendition of their full Polar Express performance. It was great. I literally had to drag Ian to it though. Once there, he seemed to enjoy it a bit and got to see Santa. He got a silver bell from one of the reindeer too. My favorite part was the "tap" Polar Express performance that I captured on video too. The last clip is pretty much how he is all the time with the exception of the playful video. He's very gurgly. They are talking about putting his IV in his hand tomorrow and taking it out of his his foot so he can start walking. I don't want this as it means a poke plus there isn't much of his hand showing below his casts and it will be extra painful. Please keep praying for the pain and for complete closure of his palate.


Yesenia said...

Praying for little Ian's quick road to recovery. What a brave little one he is!

Christine said...

What a trooper. Poor little guy! WHen will he get to eat? Is this what I should expect?