Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kids are so funny!

We were on our way home tonight from getting groceries and we stopped at Taco Bell drive thru. On the way home, Sam and Ivy were in the back having a conversation that went something like this:
Sam: What would you like to drink? Coke, beer or water?
Ivy: I'd like lemonade!

Ivy rarely chooses from the options given to her. I also don't know where Sam picked up on the beer as neither of us really drink it and we rarely even have it in our house. Jon and I got the giggles.

Sam and Ivy took turns taking the order and when it was Ivy's turn, she put something(forgot what it was) up to her mouth so she actually sounded like she was talking through the drive thru speaker. I guess maybe we shouldn't go through drive thru's so much, lol.