Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, I took all 4 kids to the dentist today. The older 3 had cleanings and exams and Iris was just along for the ride. They all did great and we were all done within an hour. It would have been less except they were being pokey and the dentist was a bit behind. Funny how it costs more for them to get polished, flossed and fluorided than it does for Jon and I to have a complete cleaning and exam. YIKES! Thank goodness for dental reimbursement. I must admit that the Mayo Clinic does have some of the best medical benefits I've seen. With all these kids, we may never afford to be able to move. Oh yeah, no cavities either...YEAH! My kids actually beg us to brush their teeth. They get to play in the water that's why....grrr. Ian does have one cavity but it's in his front tooth and it's a tooth that had already been filled and the filling fell out almost immediately. So no new cavities and that on is scheduled to be re-filled towards the end of August. It's hot hot hot here today so we are inside for the remainder of the day. That's it for now!