Sunday, July 6, 2008

143,000,000 orphans

So many of our friends and family do not understand why we keep adopting children. First of all, we want a large family. Having just been to my family reunion, it was amazing to see everyone and one day, I want to be my grandma on her 90th birthday. Sitting there taking it all in and seeing what she has helped create. Not sure we will have 10 kids though, maybe 6! I plan to post orphan videos from time to time on my blog. We know we cannot save every child however with each child we do adopt, we are giving the world to that child. Unless you are in the adoption world, you probably aren't aware as to how big families can get through adoption. Over the past couple years, I've "met" through the internet, many families that have 10-20 kids. Now before our moms have a heart attack, this is not the road we plan to take however there will be one or two more. We are starting to do some fund raising for #5 and possibly our last child. We know we want one more for sure and with Jon's employee benefits, we need to do it before we leave Rochester. Once we leave, we know we probably won't be able to adopt again as we probably won't get the employee benefits again. In a perfect world, we'd like to wait awhile before adopting again but we want to move closer to family soon. Therefore, if we are to adopt again, we need to start in the next few months. We do not have a child or country picked out but will adopt a child with special needs again. I'm leaving you with my favorite quote and I'm sorry I don't know who said it. It may be from the Bible. "Once our eyes are open, we cannot pretend we don't see". Please watch the video, it's very powerful. I do not know anything about the organization sponsoring this video but I like it.


The Tuels said...

all I can say is Sarah you hit the nail on the head & this post makes me think wow i'm not the only one who feels that super overwhelming feeling that just doesn't go away but unless you have done it you don't really understand....its so overwhelming you just makes me want to cry from all the intense feels, it's happy, scary, sad every emotion imaginable