Thursday, October 15, 2009

International Down Syndrome Coalition For Life

I'm borrowing this from my friend Shelley's blog, hope she doesn't mind. Those of you that know me really well, know that I'm 100% pro-life for ALL reasons. It breaks my heart to know that over 90% of women whose unborn baby has a pre-diagnosis of Down syndrome will abort them. There are over 200 families on waiting lists in the U.S. hoping to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. It's really sad when most health care providers actually recommend this. I'd give most anything for the chance to parent a newborn with Ds even though my plate is overflowing as it is. I just pray that women can be given accurate information before making such a final decision.

I can’t let Down syndrome awareness month come and go and not mention this organization. The International Down Syndrome Coalition For Life is an organization that promotes awareness, support and advocacy for ALL people with Ds….even those who are not yet born. None of the well recognized national Ds groups do this. These organizations start at birth…..refusing to take a stand for the most vulnerable members of the Ds community, the unborn.
In a country where 90% of children who are diagnosed with Ds pre-birth are aborted, it is important to have an organization that honors these members of the Ds community too….and advocates for their right to be born.
In a world where people are still told….today, in 2009….that the baby they just gave birth to is evil because he has an extra chromosome, that the child will destroy their lives and should be sent away and forgotten about…..we need more people to stand up and speak out like the IDSCFL is doing.
In a time when people would rather do nothing, because that’s more politically correct…..people with Down syndrome desperately need a voice that will not compromise, that will not be silent, that will take a stand even when the truth is hard to hear and say that ALL people with Ds have a right to life.


Gardenia said...

thought you might be interested in this article.

Karl and Ashley said...

any news or progress?

Sam said...

I work in the internet marketing field, agree with you, and might be able to help. Our son, Gabriel, has Ds