Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Button for Grace

Here is our sweet Grace. Please consider putting her button on your blog. Any donation is tax deductible but Prayers are Free. Please pray for our family! Grab the code below her button and post on your own blog or facebook. Please spread the word of adoption. The button will take you to our family sponsorship page on Reece's Rainbow. This is the adoption ministry where we found our Grace.
p.s. Thanks Ali for making our button!

Grab This Button


Molly said...

She is too cute! I'll add the button to my blog

Gardenia said...

she's adorable. I can't get the button to work. it copies okay onto my blog, but if I click on it, it doesn't take me to your website or to the RR site -- a page comes up saying it cannot be found. just an FYI. :)

Eastern Europe09 said...

Just added her button to my blog! She sure is cute! Good Luck!!