Thursday, November 26, 2009

Getting Ready

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are getting ready to leave for the airport in about 24 hours. We have not even gotten the suitcases out to start packing yet. Good thing I'm not cooking my usual feast today and we are just making a cheesy corn casserole to take to our neighbor's for dinner! We just got new pics of Gracie today and my has she grown since the last set. Her hair has also gotten so long and I can't wait to put pretties in it. I'll get to hold her in my arms in just like 4 days. Grace is our 5th child that we're adopting and the wait does NOT get any easier with each one. Anyway, here are a couple pictures for you viewing pleasure. We are so very blessed and have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day!!!


Amy L said...

SO SO SO HAPPY for you Sarah!! Gracie is beautiful!

Cammie said...

Hi Sarah! I haven't been following the blogs very well lately and though I think I remember reading somewhere that you were adopting again, I had no idea you were this close!!! I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see your pics of Gracie in your arms, she is beautiful! Travel safely :)


Cara and Doug said...

Hi Sarah- We are so excited for you to meet your little one! Safe travels! Enjoy every minute. I loved the city and wish to go back someday soon!
During your travels if you find any ornaments of a Santa (or ask J, she'll know where to direct you!) we would love to have a Santa from Mila's birth country. We have one from Ukraine for Hannah!
Can't wait to follow your journey! Post lots and take lots of pictures! Say hello to J for us!