Thursday, August 7, 2008


Here is the most recent update on Miss Emma. I am in total awe at what our Lord has done for this precious little girl and her family. This message is from their blog:

And not only are we going home FIVE days post-op, but we are going home with NO PH MEDS (Viagra was originally made as a medication to help with pulmonary hypertension and they found that it has other... helpful... side effects for men... but the PH is why Emma would have gotten it)!!! She'll still be on O2 at night but that is because "we already have it set up with home services and it won't hurt so we'll keep going," according to the intensivise. I am in awe of God's work in this little one. She sat in my lap all morning and watched Cinderella then Elmo.

They took out her drain tube, her pacer wires, and she gets her last dose of IV pain killers at 2pm today. Capitol with Codiene (Tylenol w/ Codiene) to go home with and Lasix and Enalapril, that's all! I can't believe she spent more time in the hospital for her T&A (8 days) than her OHS (5 days) and that's after all the stuff they had us prepared for with up to 6 months in the hospital, multiple surgeries, pacemaker, trach, etc. etc... and of course, the high possibility that she wouldn't ever come home. God is good... all the time!!!!

This is a PRE-OP picture, before her heart surgery and I can't wait to see that joy and smile back over the next few days!