Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Sweet Babies

The kids were in a great mood today so I took the opportunity to take some great photos of them and some not so great photos of me, lol. Not sure why they feel the need to smush my cheeks when they hug me for a picture and not Jon. How do you like that big tumor on my chin? Since working at Sam's club, my face has broken out. I'm just filthy when I get home at the end of my shift. Anyway, this is my favorite montage so far. As frustrated as I get sometimes with the kids, they are truely our angels and we are so blessed and honored that God has trusted us with their lives.

Iris' First Haircut

I took the girls in for haircuts today. Iris desperately needed her first haircut and Ivy has been begging for a short style cut. Today was the day. Ivy went first and did amazing. She sat like a statue for the entire haircut and looks so cute in her short hair. Her Papa Jimmie Joe will really love it too as he has always liked short hair. The two pictures of Ivy are right after her haircut. Even though she looks upset, she's not. The sun was in her eyes so it was hard for her to smile. Iris on the other hand had a fit. She sat ok at first but by the end she had had enough. Then I made the stylist hold her for a photo and that was it. Iris was so mad and screamed so loud. Jodell is a friend of mine and Iris seems to fuss whenever she sees her. Iris still has "stranger danger" though and whines whenever anyone looks at her and talks to her. Pathetic little whine mostly.

New Sandbox and Bonfire

We decided to get the kids a new sandbox with a cover on it this summer. Last year, Ian got Giardia from our old sandbox as the neighborhood cats liked to use it for a litterbox. We ended up having to board up the sandbox part of our swingset so no one else would get this parasite that causes horrible diarrhea. They long their new crabby sandbox. We also had a bonfire at our house which the kids liked. We let Sam stay up until the fire died out which was like midnight. It was nice to have some alone time with Sam. We roasted some weenies too and just had a nice time. Sam really thought it was great too to have mom and dad to himself for a couple hours.

Mommy's Birdies

I brought home some ice cream from work the other day and you'd think we never feed our kids. I haven't laughed so hard in sooooo long. Even Iris sat there with her little mouth open waiting for a treat. It was funnier to be there. Then I actually got a few pictures of Iris smiling. She smiles all the time but as soon as I try to take her picture and she sees the red light, she quits smiling. I get so frustrated. I thought these were cute though.

Totally Busted!!

Jon and I couldn't figure which one of the kids kept messing with the computer. We now have proof that it was all 3!!! They aren't very good at destroying the evidence yet. Short but kinda funny!